The distant whistle of a marmot, the scent of the changing seasons, the ever-changing aura of crests swept by winds, the flowery aftertaste of a mountain cheese.

Up here, in an unparalleled context surrounding Rifugio Champillon, we propose you many hikes on the mountains and electric bicycle rides of all levels of difficulty and lenght.

You must explore this little piece of heaven and accurately observe how wonderful nature is.

As John Muir ( scottish writer, naturalist and activist) said once:

“ In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” (Nature, Wisdom, Walk).

You can reserve an electric mountain bike for a full day or for half a day. You can ride through the wide valley of By or towards the uncontaminated woods on Allein’s side and, why not, use them to reach our mountain hut to have lunch and then walk up to the Col Champillon. The power-assisted bicycles offer you a cleaned means of transport. Moreover, you can exercise without stressing your body, that is why the electric mountain bikes fit everyone! Ride people, ride!

prezzi: 1/2giornata 25 euro - 1 giornata 35 euro

An uncontaminated habitat where many different species of animals have found the perfect place to live and reproduce.

The underlying woods host an important animal life of Deers, Roe Deers, Foxes and Hares.

Recently, some people have spotted Wolves and Lynxes.

On the mountaintop is not difficult to see small packs of Chamois and Steinbocks.

The Eagle dominates the highest peaks and sometimes the Lammergeier planes on the roof of Rifugio Champillon.

The Champillon wide valley is sunny throughout the day allowing paragliding lovers to take advantage of thermal flows and hot air and go up easily.

Mountain lovers can enjoy nature and beautiful landscapes, observing animals and breathing pure air.

During the best days, flights can arrive to G.S. Bernardo Valley or the valley of Valpelline.

... or Relax!